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Presentation of project results for Lithuanian teachers

At the very end of summer a final conference in Lithuania of project Generation0101 was organised where teachers from all across Lithuania were invited. During the event the project was introduced with a big emphasis on the whole training structure and training material as well as possible results, that can be achieved in a short time frame. The ICT training is of great importance to teacher in Lithuania, as there is a lack of IT specialists and the interest is ICT related subjects and carriers is still not big enough.

Very successful Rijeka 0101 conference

Generation 0101 Conference Rijeka

We are very glad that Rijeka 0101 conference, which symbolically marked the end of Generation 0101 project activities in Rijeka, was attended by representatives from public, private and nonprofit sector – people who deal with ICT, technology and the development of our community on a daily basis. Rijeka 0101 conference was excellent opportunity to gain new insights, exchange experiences and arrange future cooperation to which we really look forward to.

Project „Generation 0101“ and the final hackathon in Vilnius (Lithuania)

Project Generation 0101 had an ambitious goal. During it young people from several countries were able to learn new ICT related skills that are valuable in today’s work market and introduces youngsters to potential carrier paths. After trainings the best participants were granted opportunities to travel abroad and participate in international hackathons where they would create ICT solutions for NGOs that need such help.