Who still talks about youth unemployement in Croatia?

Often called millenials, Y generation, dissilusioned with lack of skills and knowledge relevant to the workplace, young people in the European Union find it difficult to find a job and most of the countries are facing with the rise of youth unemployement.

Europe's 5,6 million unemployed young people are causing growing concern among the every state governement, economy and constituton.

"Youth unemployment is a tragedy and prevents people from playing a full and meaningful part in society" - said Mario Draghi, The European Central Bank president.


By researching the last 2016. Eurostat statistics, I acknowledged that Croatia's youth unemployement is facing one of the highest rates of 40,3% which put us on the third place in a row after Greece and Spain.

In aim to look for the reasons of this fact i decided to turn off the official media, social and political specialists discussions and take a trip to foreign country to meet the young people who can talk about their experience of unemployement. We keep listening about theese facts everyday from everyone else except from the young people who are pinned with different labels by society as: irresposible, lazy, uneducated etc. Who asked the youth? Who listened to their opinion? Who asked them any question about how it is to be young and unemployed?

My choice of the country representatives fell on Germany who is facing the lowest rate of unemployement in the last 35 years of only 6,9%, Bulgaria who is, as Croatia, a newer member of European Union and southeastern country with the rate od 20% and France as a western country but having a similiar rate of unemployement with 25%.  

Result of the investigation and interviews taken, is a video journalistic reportage - Who still talks about youth unemployement in Croatia?, which can be narrowed down to a sentence: the messagge from youth to the youth, and from youth to the society. 
The 5 young rapresentatives – Niki, Tania, Rufin, Antoaneta and Julia speak out about the situation of youth unemployement in their own country: 
"as long as you can't find job that satisfies you in your country go for new experiences... you allways need to be the best, you allways need the best internships, you allways how to be in the best institutions, if not, you are nothing." – were just some of their remarkable notices about the topic. 
Willing to give an advice to Croatia, we can discover a lot of interesting points of views from theese young people about Croatia's possibilities to fight the youth unemployement. Is it possible and necessary to reach a similar level in economy as some of theese countries have, to improve a job market? Are Croatian people really homesick deep inside and not enough mobile? Is governement not investing enough money for the youth? Who's fault could it be – of the employers or of the youth? Is Croatia ready for a change?  – theese are some of the questions to which you can find an answer in the following video reportage.     
By forming an advice to Croatia's unemployement, the discussion leaded to series of propositions, examples and conclusions, which can be used on every country and for every young person who is concerened about this problem.




Autor: Karla Juničić