Generation 0101 in finals for best cooperation project!

We are very proud to announce that our project, Generation 0101, a strategic partnership between 6 European countries, has been nominated for the ALL DIGITAL award in the category of Best Cooperation Project, and it is currently between three project finalists.

Generation 0101 project, in which CTC Rijeka is the leading partner, is aimed at addressing important issues present in today's society: the growing problem of youth unemployment and the need to place a stronger emphasis on the development of ICT skills among young people. The outcomes of the project were dedicated to help young people to become more competitive in the job market and to enable their employment in digital jobs.

During the project, more than 300 young people from partner countries got the chance to gain new skills and knowledge in seven ICT fields that they are able to use for employment or self-employment in digital industry, further education, e-volunteering activities, etc. On a social aspect, during international hackathons, in close collaboration with local and national NGOs, ICT solutions (services, tools, products) were created that are now being used by local organizations in partner countries.

The project is successful because it meets the needs of today’s society. It is strongly focused on ICT skills and their development, in this way it is concordant with European policies that try to use those skills for solving everyday problems.

During the project, methodology and educational materials (student and trainers handbooks) were developed on 7 ICT subjects: e-journalism, mobile app development, web design, easy coding, community web radio, video and on-line collaboration. Besides partner languages, all modules are also available in English on the project website. This might help deciding whether and which of the modules are relevant to any other organization for localization.

ALL DIGITAL, a leading European network in improving digital literacy based in Belgium, has established ALL DIGITAL Awards to recognize the achievements of individuals and organizations across Europe that enable people to exploit the benefits and opportunities created by digital transformation. These awards acknowledge innovation, dedication and the inspiring role these organizations and individuals play to many people.

The award ceremony will be held on 4th October 2017 in Barcelona, Spain during All Digital Conference 2017.